Grew up in house full of music and guitars; listening to Kraftwerk by age of 8. Developed obsession with Post-punk by 16, and over next few years, learnt to play, write, record, produce, perform live, started building own studio, etc. Several projects came and went during this period. I may expand on that at some point, but what came next was:

Stray Dog City
This project began in ’96 and continues to this day. Utilising mine and Milk’s interests in Post-punk and beyond – Musique Concrete, guitar textures, drones, dub, et al. Built own custom equipment to realise this. No samplers, live improvisation key – instruments, tapes, vinyl deck, etc. Great times.

SDC homepage


A more focussed progression of the ideas behind Stray Dog City – heavy atmospheres, guitar textures, drones, looping; live performance key.


Compsey Tribunal / Product
Began in 2000. Heavy reliance on improvisation around grooves; experimental instrumentals the norm. More great times. Product – a more focussed off-shoot from Compsey, with much more formalised song structures, heavy reliance on programming and most tracks had lyrics.


Solo work has always been produced, some released under Nubia project, much unreleased. MUTATE project began around 2007, with first release in 2008 and currently no end in sight. Project name refers to open-ended remit regards material. The next release could be an EP of dark electro tracks, dub excursions, or drone metal – the genre should not be of importance. The urge to say something is all that counts. Heavy reliance on improvisation, processed guitar textures, looping without loopers, dictaphones, devices, etc. Each live performance different.

MUTATE homepage


Other projects, collaborations, et al:

Senor Citizen / Wulfstabber / Visible Universe
These projects staffed by myself and Alex. Senor Citizen: Casiocore terror. Wulfstabber: stark 80’s/90’s techno. Visible Universe: improvised soundscapes built from processed guitar and vocal drones.


Atmospheric Industrial Rock – instrumental epics!


And Fate Was Foolish
Alt punk/metal trio, into heavy and grooves – hard to pin a label on. I’m no longer a member of the band.


Live performing noise/soundscape duo. Output ranges from programmed tracks, to improvisations and spoken-word vistas.


Collaborations – these are ad-hoc and less formal than a project, usually providing collaborators with source material, such as processed guitar textures, etc. Collaborators include Ars Sonor.



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