When they work, they’re a pleasure.

Last year I submitted several drone pieces to a friend of mine who releases under the Ars Sonor moniker. Her work is excellent and she has a penchant for dark dub, a genre which has a special place in my cold, twisted heart.

Such as it was, life got hectic and I lost track of what happened with the material. So here I am, bringing things up to date. First up:

Ars Sonor & Co - The End of a Road (L1mbo Central)

Ars Sonor & Co – The End of a Road (L1mbo Central)










The End of a Road (L1mbo Central). This album comprises collaborative tracks throughout. Seventeen different artists appear on this album, including Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Elizabeth Veldon, The Implicit Order and Hyaena Fierling Reich, to name but a few. It’s great. Have you heard it? Yeah, I KNOW. Oh, you’ve not heard it? Get it here:

Ars Sonor & Co – The End of a Road (L1mbo Central)


Ars Sonor & Co - The Outer Limits

Ars Sonor & Co – The Outer Limits










Next up. The Outer Limits. Again, an album where all tracks are collaborative. There are twenty artists featured on this album, including Bird Paradigma, (o)thers, Hal McGee and Bedawang. It’s cracking. Get it here:

Ars Sonor & Co. – The Outer Limits


IFAR - Beat Sounds from Way Out Volume 4

IFAR – Beat Sounds from Way Out Volume 4










And finally, my first appearance on an IFAR compilation. This is a collaboration on a compilation. If that makes sense? The track in question is a worthy redux of ‘Oceanic Tide’, from End of a Road. Get it here:

IFAR – Beat Sounds from Way Out Volume 4

Anything else?

Currently there are several other collaborations in the pipeline, ranging from recorded material only, to potential live performances and maybe even a ‘band’. There’s more to come from the ongoing collaboration with Ars Sonor too.

On top of that, I have a load of solo material to work on and some contributions to compilations that I need to get done, quickly! This year will be different. Time to get on with stuff.


Necktar 2017 Volume 5

Necktar_2017, Volume 5

Necktar_2017, Volume 5

I’ve been contributing to Ed’s ongoing Necktar compilation since Volume 2, back when I was struggling to get heard, let alone included on such things.

He’s stuck with me ever since, and now here we are with Volume 5 and another contribution.

I like this comp because: a) Ed is a lovely man, b) it is always theme driven, and c) it’s a freely downloadable affair with much variety. 115 tracks this time. Not so dissimilar from that other great, Classwar Karaoke.

When the people behind these things are genuinely likeable, doing all that work in putting these things together, for all the right reasons, I feel honoured to be included. With Necktar, I hope to be there with Ed till the bitter end!

Please check out the homepage of Necktar 2017, Volume 5.

To listen or download, visit Necktar’s page on the Internet Archive.

No one in the mirror

MUTATE - No one in the mirror

MUTATE – No one in the mirror

Finally, it’s here. I say ‘finally’, though the anticipation was all mine.. I’d made Ingenmansland available last August, replete with vintage Chernobyl video footage, but numerous production problems dragged the whole project down (see previous post, ‘Audio Hell’), subsequently stalling my output in general. So I made no effort to publicise it; not that I have any highly effective routes into the mass public awareness.

Released last Friday on the wonderful Black Square netlabel (enormous thanks to AlexZ) – so far lots of downloads, which is a new experience for me – thanks to all downloaders! Speaking of which, get it from here:

And if you want to see that vintage Chernobyl footage:

Ingenmansland  on the Youtubes

I suppose I should do something else now.

Visible Universe ‘Live at Ort’

Visible Universe - Live at Ort

Live at Ort

This is the second time Visible Universe have recorded, this time to capture their debut gig. Big on improvisation without rehearsal, they’ve only played together twice so far, each session having been recorded and released.

“But who is this Visible Universe?”

Visible Universe is myself and Alex Charles, soundscaping as if our lives depended on it. Often they do. I handle guitar drones, while Alex provides vocal drones – in this way, we play off each other, the drones intertwining so much that it becomes hard to distinguish one sound source from another. Started on a whim, after a Senor Citizen rehearsal, the result was so positive that we decided to carry on in the same vein. Massive PA’s, smoke and lighting being our (my) ultimate goal.

‘Live at Ort’ is now available from Stray HQ and Bandcamp.

Debut release from Desposyni

Desposyni - 'The Radiant Mindfield'

Desposyni – ‘The Radiant Mindfield’

Performers rarely debut with a live recording, but in this case that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Desposyni is a collaborative project between myself and Portuguese Noise Queen, Hyaena Fierling Reich. ‘The Radiant Mindfield’ was recorded live in London, earlier this year. Having enough material for several albums already, we had our debut release planned – that was, until this recording came along. So pleased were we with how well the gig went, it became apparent that this had to be our first release.

No overdubs – this is the live Desposyni sound. Post-production is limited to eq and compression. Completely improvised, each performance is different; unique.

Available now from Black Square netlabel:

Thanks go to Alex of the wonderful Black Square netlabel, along with Tim Drage and Max Leonard Hitchings, who kindly organised the gig.