2020. What a year so far.. In the midst of all this, there have been a few releases…


Interstitial III

Interstitial III – released by Stray Recordings

Interstitial III is the first release of 2020, on low-profile netlabel, Stray Recordings. Published back in January, this is a continuation of the Interstitial series, which started because live/improvised performances are often very different from studio recordings. The recording in question is a one-take unplanned improvisation from 2012

Download here



Cicatrix – released by Histamine Tapes

Cicatrix was released back in April on wonderful US label, Histamine Tapes. The album is an observation of the marks we as humans make across our planet, specifically technological, from seabed comms cabling to power distribution pylons.

Download here


Interstitial IV

Interstitial IV – released by Zenapolae Records

Interstitial IV was released in July on long-running netlabel, Zenapolae. Fourth outing for the Interstitial series, this release documents two live performances from 2017 that were played on consecutive days. One of these performances was planned & rehearsed, whilst the other was completely improvised. All live performances can go in any direction – thankfully, both nights were well received!

Download here


What’s next?

More releases are planned for 2020, with three outstanding albums to complete plus newly recorded material from ongoing recordings. The main site has had a complete overhaul and now works well on phones. This blog has finally been updated! There will also be side-project releases in the the form of new material from Desposyni. All updates will be posted on this blog, promise!



Your last update was from 2015. What happened between then and now?

Though I continued to perform live and record, changes in my working situation affected free time, and frankly, work took over. One has to pay the bills… I will recap output during this ‘wilderness’ period in a later post.



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