Well, I don’t seem to have been up to much this year. This is the first posting of 2015, after all!

In reality, I’ve been uber busy teaching myself back-end web development, amongst other things – paid work took priority this year. No solo releases happened, but there were a few collaborations that sprang forth their fruit in such a way that I wasn’t too concerned about that after all.

As for 2016, I have two releases that will see the light of day, one of which is almost complete. Years in the making, as per usual. There will also be more collaborative work as follow-ups are (thankfully) required. Regards compilations, I will always try to submit to Necktar 2017 and Classwar Karaoke, but will likely do less for other comps. I’ve previously found myself on an unending treadmill of creating one comp track after another and the quality ultimately suffers.

So, back to 2015.. what did I do? Let’s see..


Hyaena Fierling and Comrades – Fortran


Hyaena Fierling and Comrades – Fortran

Fortran was a project that I’d contributed to a while ago, which was awaiting completion. Finally released on Travis Johnson’s fine label, Poverty Electronics, Fortran features several artist’s reworkings of tracks originally provided by HF. Mine are droney – what a surprise! Download the album:

Hyaena Fierling and Comrades – Fortran


Bill Rivers – Something In Between


Bill Rivers – Something In Between

I’d sent Bill some processed guitar soundscapes a while ago and was pleased to find that it had made its’ way onto one of Bill’s solo releases, replete with sweet, motorik beat. Bill is also one half of duo, The Idiot Society – please check them out! Download the album:

Bill Rivers – Something In Between


D.N.P. V/S MUTATE – There was no future after all


D.N.P. v/s MUTATE – There was no future after all

In contrast to the previous releases, this collaboration came together very quickly and didn’t take years to germinate; in no small part due to Chris D.N.P’s speediness. And what a treat! Unremittingly bleak, with barely any light to break the gloom, the album joyfully plays with endless dark atmospheres and acerbic textures that the more casual ‘dark ambient’ fan might shy away from. Massive brooding dronescapes provide backdrops upon which are sewn tiny horrors that build and dissipate, rising and crashing/smashing/burning out. TWNFAA is released on the lovely Petroglyph label – download it from:

D.N.P. v/s MUTATE – There was no future after all


Ars Sonor and MUTATE – Forward Thinking


Ars Sonor and MUTATE – Forward Thinking

The material brought together on this release has been around a while – the work with Ars Sonor is one of my favourite and long-lived collaborations. Finally brought together in a single release, Forward Thinking showcases not only these epic tracks, but also the depth and power of production Ars Sonor brings. Get your headphones on, basically.

Released on my tiny label, Stray Recordings, the release is available to download in lossless formats from BandCamp at a small cost, or freely in MP3 format from the Internet Archive. Download the free release here:

Ars Sonor and MUTATE – Forward Thinking



Jasmina Olsson – Jasmina’s Song


Jasmina Olsson – Jasmina’s Song

Well, a compilation of sorts. A while back, Ars Sonor organised some of her friends to produced reworkings of an electronic piano piece by Jasmina. Tracks came in all shapes and sizes, from seven different artists, each doing their own things. The album was released as a free download on Stray Recordings – you can get it from here:

Jasmina Olssen / Various Artists – Jasmina’s Song


Touched Two – The Remixes


Touched Two – The Remixes

Touched Music are a label who, as well as releasing albums, etc,  have built a series of compilations from the electronic music field that have been very successful in raising funds for the Macmillan Nurses charity. As such, they have been able to include work from big and small names alike. We’re all human, after all.

Touched Two is a 120 track compilation, the theme of which was artists remixing previous Touch compilation tracks. All proceeds of this and any other Touched compilations go to Macmillan. Absolutely fantastic work from Touched and I’m very proud to be involved!

Download the compilation, and any of the other Touch compilations from here:

Touched Two – The Remixes



Well, I played a few live shows this year. Mutate in the Edwardian Tea Room, at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, organised by the wonderful Mr Andy Cooke. Mutate supporting Japanese noisesters Kawabata Mokoto (of Acid Mothers Temple) and K.K.Null at the Flapper and Firkin, organised by the also wonderful Andy Blackforest. I played as one half of Desposyni, alongside Sulcus Industries, ten:ten and Stephen R Burroughs’ Tunnels of Ah at Wolverhampton’s Clarendon Hotel, on a Too Cool for School night. Not bad, all in all.


So anyway…

Not so much ‘not busy’, as practically invisible in terms of self-publicising. Which is typical of me, though worse this year than usual, due to work commitments. I’ll try to be a little more forthcoming with updates in 2016.


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