EU digital VAT changes and Bandcamp


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If you’ve seen the recent news of changes to EU tax law, you may be wondering how this affects you as an artist or label selling on Bandcamp. The good news is that for digital sales, there is no need for you to register for VAT, submit quarterly reports, and so on. We will take care of all of that for you.

If you happened to see our earlier help item about this, we planned to roll out a temporary solution where artists submitted the tax themselves. We’ve decided to accelerate the changes to our system such that the interim step is unnecessary.

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Kathodos and further..

New December solo release – ‘Monochrome’:










Monochrome was put together after Andy @ Artapes said he should like me to put a tape out on his label. Inevitably, I was VERY keen to do so. Though timed as if two sides of a C60, as was originally intended, it took me so long to get the release ready that by the time it was, Artapes had stopped doing tape releases. Nevermind. You now have a release comprising two tracks, each 30 minutes long. Some dark, some light, some moiré between. Big thanks to Andy.

The release is now available from Artapes, iTunes/Amazon/Spotify, et al:


As well as Monochrome, I have brought forth a few tracks for compilations, etc:









‘The Song of the Common Household Appliance’ appeared on Classwar Karaoke Survey 0028, available from here:












A reworking of Sonologyst’s track ‘Andromeda’ appears on the newly released re-workings album, States of Morphology:

Twenty five artists provide re-workings of Sonologyst tracks. Please acquaint yourself with Sonologyst’s work via the above link, if you have not already done so.












Finally, a track will appear on the coming edition of Necktar 2017 – this should see release by the end of December – I’ll include a link to it when it lands.


Various other stuffs:

My ultra-tiny label, Stray Recordings, has had a makeover, and hopefully looks the better for it. It needed a de-clutter on all levels. Two new releases are planned for this/next month – I’ll post when that happens.

Work also began on a Mutate/Crystal Set album, out as soon as, on Stray. Based on three long-form drone guitar jams, quite raw, to be fucked with and built upon. I’m keen that this comes out well.

Of note: I regularly do live sound for ‘Too Cool for School’, an experimental music night hosted in Birmingham, at the City Tavern pub. As such, I recently handled the live sound for Stephen Āh Burrough’s project, ‘Tunnels Of Āh’. Stephen is ex Head of David, and as such, is Birmingham alt-rock royalty (with zero heirs or graces). Really nice bloke – cool experience, frankly.

Well, that’s about it for 2014. Expect a release or two during 2015, of course. I may play live, if I’m lucky. I will continue to develop several audio-based Android apps that I will utilise live, as well as publish for free use. Details will appear here as and when.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays, been shitfaced, etc.