Dense Music

Opaque Studies I, released 1st May:










Opaque Studies I comprises two single-take, improvised guitar soundscapes, and one piece built from layered manipulations of these recordings. There are no overdubs.

A while ago I started working with big ‘scapes built only from processed guitar and a solitary 2-second looper, in the hope that I could perform live with as dense a soundfield as The End of Bees ep. Previous efforts to create that TEOB sound live had been problematic. With this new setup, I was soon able to get surprisingly big sounds, and so pursued it further: playing live, recording the Visible Universe sessions, etc.

This release brings some of these experiments together so that a) they can be heard, and b) I can think about where I want to take this sound next. As is implied, I expect this to become a series of releases over time – I have a lot of these dense soundfields in the vaults and I think some are worth hearing.

Released on the lovely Surrism Phonoethics notlabel, you can get it here:


Other news:

I continue to perform live and work on new material with ambient/psychedelic/post-punk outfit, Lunar Obsid. Plush recordings soonish, I’d hope.

That’s it for now..