Wrench Released

And so, a new release from moi:


WRENCH out now on Petroglyph Music

‘WRENCH’ is a return to the sound collage methods employed for the latter half of the first Mutate ep, back in 2008. Sitting somewhere between the fields of ‘dark ambient’ and ‘sound design’, the intent is to build an atmosphere or ‘space’ that is evocative for the listener.  It was a pleasure to work in this manner again – the work flowed and the tracks came together very quickly.

Regards my working methods: having no real plans, I drift from one interest to another, so each release can differ enormously – in this case I was gripped by a sudden enthusiasm and produced the material in a matter of days. Other projects can drag on for months, or years even.

Out now on the lovely Jørgensen/Martinsen netlabel, Petroglyph Music, you can get it from here:


Other news:

There are a few other projects that I would like to have released before the year is out – these are being worked on, sporadically. I also return to more frequent posts to SoundCloud and a general increase in my overall ‘output’ (how corporate!). On the live front, I have a gig or two on the horizon. As ever, I have no idea what approach I will take regards live performances.

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