Collaborations, appearances, live

Though solo releases have been thin on the ground recently, collaborations continue to bear fruit. And what fruit!

Work with Ars Sonor continues, with some textures and drones from myself appearing on a couple of recent releases:

Ars Sonor - The Second Circle

Ars Sonor – The Second Circle










‘The Second Circle’ is a deceptive brute of an album, drifting from pure atmospheres to downtempo, to dark techno. Awesomeness. Get it here:

On to Ars Sonor’s latest release, ‘Exit’:

Ars Sonor - Exit

Ars Sonor – Exit










‘Exit’ delivers a complex web of electronica, dark atmospheres and monster beats. Simply astonishing stuff, it’s a true honour to be part of it. Get it here:

Next up, the latest EP from the Mekano Set, ‘The Three Thieves’:

Mekano Set - The Three Thieves

Mekano Set – The Three Thieves










Yet another quality instalment of massive tunes, always with the persuasive beats and sophisticated, post-punk tinge. With some added noises from moi. Unstoppable. Get it here:

July brought with it a live set at Cookie’s wonderful Freak Revival night, upstairs at The Old Moseley Arms, in Birmingham. Fantastic pub, great little venue. The whole point of Freak Revival is to try out new ideas in the live context, so that’s exactly what I did.


RBF3 – I’m on the flyer!










Then, in August, I played Birmingham’s Radio Black Forest festival. RBF3 was a great day and I hope to play again! Numerous excellent acts played, though I was gutted that I missed Interlard whilst getting rid of the car. And surprise of the day: New Noveta. Excellent, fear/unease inducing performance art – loved it!

Finally, that fine compilation of experimental/outsider music, Classwar Karaoke is now in it’s 23rd edition:










23. How could I resist? A recording from recent sessions appears on the comp, along with an accompanying video. And absolutely loads of other music. Thanks to Anthony and Jaan for doing the immense amount of work involved in organising and releasing CK. Amazing. Get it here:

On the horizon: further news regarding collaborations, some re-workings of other artist’s tracks and continued work on a new solo release. Slowly chipping away..