Meks Do Dark Waters

The Meks @ Dark Waters 2013

It’s either I wear the hood, or you’re blinded by my shiny pate…








Occasionally I work with the Mekano Set, contributing the odd slice of noise to recordings, or appearing live. A few weeks ago I stood in on noise guitar duties at this year’s Dark Waters festival in Nottingham, providing a mixture of supporting melodies, live loops and textures. Due to geographic factors, we did not get a chance to rehearse as a trio, so I put a lot of time into rehearing along to the studio recordings. It went well.

The venue and sound was great – the lighting was incredible!

The Meks @ Dark Waters 2013

Gratuitous *me* shot.








Most of all, big thanks must go to the event organisers, who did a great job of looking after us, even to the point of putting us up for the night. It was me who ate all the ciabatta and humous – I admit it.

Here’s a recording of Speak in Riddles from the night – enjoy!