Interstitial I

I posted a while ago about the idea of releasing solo live sets as a separate, ongoing series, because every time I play live it’s unplanned, differs from my studio material, and as such, is hopefully of interest. So here we are with the first release: Interstitial I.

Interstitial I

Interstitial I – released on suRRism Phonoethics










This release covers two live sets from Birmingham Artsfest, back in 2011. The first set was downstairs at the Bodega Bar, which was a calmer affair, and then a second, heavier set at the CBSO hall. As with any of my live releases there’s a little post-production, but certainly no overdubs. Get it here:

MUTATE – Interstitial I

Importantly, this is my first full release on suRRism-Phonoethics, a fantastic notlabel run by the enormously enthusiastic and creative Jaan Patterson. I appeared on his ‘Peak the Source’ compilation series a few years back and look forward to releasing more on sPE_. Go visit the label site:

suRRism Phonoethics

…and if you want to check out the Peak the Source compilation series, go here:

Peak the Source

Now to get back to work – there are various other projects pending and ideas in the pipeline.


Benefit album: the right to health

the right to health: a benefit album to help towards the healthcare costs of the founding member of naked city cinema

the right to health

‘the right to health…’ on Black Circle records

Black Circle records have released a benefit album in order to raise funds to offset medical bills for fellow underground musician, Faze Exile. In his own words:

“Elizabeth Veldon and black circle records have released a benefit album to help me pay the massive amount of medical bills I have incurred since being ill. Many amazing artists contributed to this and it’s enough to make me cry. I am so very touched and humbled by this effort. A very big thank you to everyone involved.”

The artists involved include Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor, Anastasia Vronski, and To The Lovers Farewell, to name but a few – there are 26 tracks on this album. Including an exclusive track from myself. Get it from here:

the right to health

All funds raised go to Faze to help him pay his medical bills!