Necktar 2017 Volume 5

Necktar_2017, Volume 5

Necktar_2017, Volume 5

I’ve been contributing to Ed’s ongoing Necktar compilation since Volume 2, back when I was struggling to get heard, let alone included on such things.

He’s stuck with me ever since, and now here we are with Volume 5 and another contribution.

I like this comp because: a) Ed is a lovely man, b) it is always theme driven, and c) it’s a freely downloadable affair with much variety. 115 tracks this time. Not so dissimilar from that other great, Classwar Karaoke.

When the people behind these things are genuinely likeable, doing all that work in putting these things together, for all the right reasons, I feel honoured to be included. With Necktar, I hope to be there with Ed till the bitter end!

Please check out the homepage of Necktar 2017, Volume 5.

To listen or download, visit Necktar’s page on the Internet Archive.


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