Days pass by..

Stray Dogs in the urbans

Stray Dog City rears it’s head again in this blog, and will continue to do so, due to it’s continuing importance to me. It’s a way to push forward differently, through a glass, darkly.

No rules, no compromise.

The past couple of days spent drinking, ranting, and recording for what will likely be a series of releases, or an album. Improv, the SDC way. What was felt was recorded. What happened, happened. Winging it the only way we know. We play in the ‘studio’ as if it were live, this being the primal impetus – can you play it live?

Further work/recording will be done over the next few days, with more rediscovery of our concrète past. I need to do the charity shops for classical vinyl. And get more beers in. It’s going to be a big one.

We have a low-profile presence – go listen:

Dark dubs for dark days.


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