No one in the mirror

MUTATE - No one in the mirror

MUTATE – No one in the mirror

Finally, it’s here. I say ‘finally’, though the anticipation was all mine.. I’d made Ingenmansland available last August, replete with vintage Chernobyl video¬†footage, but numerous production problems dragged the whole project down (see previous post, ‘Audio Hell’), subsequently stalling my output in general. So I made no effort to publicise it; not that I have any highly effective routes into the mass public awareness.

Released last Friday on the wonderful Black Square netlabel (enormous thanks to AlexZ) – so far lots of downloads, which is a new experience for me – thanks to all downloaders! Speaking of which, get it from here:

And if you want to see that vintage Chernobyl footage:

Ingenmansland  on the Youtubes

I suppose I should do something else now.